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FEW CQ5 (AEM) Interview questions for references

1. Technology Stack of CQ5 and describe each one ?
2. Architecture of CQ5 application ?
3. How to implement localization ?
4. How to connect external DB from CQ5 ?
5. What is segmentation/campaign and how to implement ?
6. Can we restrict for certain users not to display some digital assets ?
7. What is the role of dispatcher and how you have to used rewrite URL?
8. What is persistence manager and how to implement ?
9. What is iparsys and slingSuperResourcetype ?
10. What is difference between cq:sling and cq:include ?
11. What is bundle and how to create and implement in application ?
12. What is the purpose of file ?
13. What is the purpose of farm file ?
14. Any custom components used which not relevant to out of box component ?
15. Any web services implemented ?
16. How you can inherit properties of one dialog to another dialog ?
17. What is the approach to implement application which make compatible for Desktop/Mobile/Tablets ?
18. How to implement etc/mapping ?
19. How Resource Resolution done in sling ?
20.How to achieve reverse replication and where mostly need to implement?
21.What are the design patterns used in day CQ5?

Few More Questions
Can we create page without template?
diff btwn dialogue & design dialogue?
where design dialogue data will store?
have you used search component?
Social Integration components
Tags, featuers.
Pagination / how do you cache?
What are bundle state?
What is Resource resolver ?
How to create Workflows ?
What is Dispatcher ?
Event Listeners / Schedulers ?
Diff btwn resource type & resource super type?
What is a content repository? What is JCR?
What is Sling? How is it different from other web-development frameworks?
What are Clientlibs?
What is a CQ5 overlay/override component?
Difference between Parbase and parsys?
How do I synchronize LDAP and CQ users?
How can I interface CQ with multiple LDAP servers?
How to create a custom widget client-library ?
How do I configure and connect to a JDBC DataSource?
Can any one tell me that how can we registered the newly created servlet in
Sling Scripts cannot be called directly in CQ5- Why?
Clustering in CQ5
what is RESTfull
mobile site application -
blue print and live print
multilingual site
what are the devices support mobile
how will u give the priviliage to user for uploading dam assets
loding of assets in dam
how to build bundle through crxde - steps
how will u upload jar file through felix console
how will u create a user
is it possible to have user without any group
hw will u give privilage to user for creating the user
publishing and author envoirement
replication agent
wht are the steps for creating custom components

1) What is CQ and technology stack of CQ ?
2) What is the difference between dialog and design_dialog ?
3) Maven Integration with Eclipse ?
4) What is the difference between Ant and Maven tools ?
5) Vaultclipse for Eclipse ?
6) Dependency Injection ?
7) What are clientlibs ?
8) Why design_dialog content stores under etc/designs/project namespace ? How it recognizes to store there itself ? Can we store in some other place ?
9) How comfortable are you with jQuery ?
10) Do you interest in jQuery or EXT JS ? Why ?
11) What is a Dispatcher ?
12) Segmentation and its role in CQ ?
13) Query Builder and its API ?
14) Have you ever worked on DAM API ? Explain one Scenario ?
15) JCR Vs. CRX ?
16) How can you move content from one Server to another ?
17) Servlets in CQ ?
18) What Storage Manager does CQ uses internally ?
19) What features of CQ do you like most ? Why ?
20) What Did you do in Admin Level ?
21) Have you created any out of the box buttons ?
22) What are xtypes and how does they useful in CQ ?
23) What is the use of OSGi in real time ?
24) What are the limitations of CQ ?
25) Parsys Vs iParsys ?
26) What is a workflow ?
27) What is a personalization ?
28) What is sling and how it can be used in CQ ?
29) What are the servlets that you will extend in CQ ?
30) Replication Vs Reverse replication ?
31) Difference between Overlaying and Extending ?
32) What design patterns does CQ uses ?
33) What is the purpose of in CQ bundle ?
34) What is RESTFul ?
35) How do you covert a class to a service ?
36) What is the use of OSGi ?
37) Inheritance in CQ at component  level ?
38) Comments component ?
39) Sling resolution in CQ ?
40) What servelts do you implement in CQ ?
41) How to register a servlet in CQ ?
42) Do you have any  idea how comments component works ?
43) How to run a workflow ?
44) What class/interface do you use to extend/implement a workflow ?
45) About sling:resourceSuperType ?
46) What are the differences between CQ 5.4 and 5.6.1 ?
47) What components did you feel complex in your project ?
48) Have you ever worked with Social collaboration in CQ ?

Few more

1. How to add the tab in the Page Properties dialog.

2. Under page properties, basic tab, what is the use of On time and Off time.

3. Can you explain me how the Logo component works.

4. How to create a page from the template.

5. Have you worked on Xtypes.

6. Can you tell me how dispatcher works and if I have only 1 publish server, then

   how dispatcher will do/work.

Few Links

Few CQ Developed Webistes



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